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Ballypines Dog Ranch  Dog Boarding Kennel
2520 Johnstown Road, Chesapeake, VA

Ballypines has limited availability of new customers at this time.

*All reservations/initial showings/appointments are to be requested through the link below.
Ballypines does not accept unspayed or unneutered dogs.
Ballypines does not accept dogs that are not friendly with ALL dogs and all people.

There are certain personality traits with pitt terriers as well as shepherding dogs that just do not work in the large social setting that we provide here at the ranch.  If your dog demonstrates behaviors that do not work well with our social setting we will not be able to accept them for boarding.  Please see the “MUST READ” section in the “Services” tab above.

We will be closed July 29-August 12, 2024.


Dog Boarding and Kennel Chesapeake, VA

The Ranch basics…

Ballypines Dog Ranch is a Dog Boarding and Kennel on a quaint, family-run ranch, just waiting to love your dog. Our barn is located on 20+ acres of fields that offer tons of space for your dog to run, play and explore.  Our mission is to provide your dog with a safe, happy, healthy environment in which he will receive hours of love, attention to his individual needs,  and social play time.  You will receive daily photos via text or email…evidence of the fun times your dog is experiencing on his vacation at Ballypines Dog Ranch!

Currently, Ballypines is not accepting new customers.  However, once we open to new customers, we do REQUIRE an initial tour and temperament assessment prior to boarding.  We cannot accept your reservation request unless you also have an initial tour scheduled.  Please refer to the services tab…lots of important information there with regards to behavior that is not acceptable in the social setting we offer.

*In order to get set up with a reservation and an initial tour, please click on the reservation link at the top of the home page. Click “Register as a new customer” (and make sure you complete all fields or the system will give you a hard time!) Once you have registered, you may request an initial tour and also put in your reservation request.

Just like home…

We have different cabins for each dog and their individual needs. If your dog prefers to be alone while resting, he/she will enjoy his/her own space-this space will vary depending on your dog’s size, energy level, and emotional needs. If you have a multiple dog family, we assume you will want them to share a cabin as it will feel more like home. (If separate rooms are needed for dogs within the same household, please notify us at the time of reservation.) We are constantly monitoring your dog to ensure he/she is happy, safe and comfortable at all times. Some dogs have separation anxiety and do much better with a companion. Please, we encourage you to discuss your dog and their individual needs during your initial appointment. Any concerns can be further addressed at this time.

Visit BPDR in advance…

 Here at Ballypines Dog Ranch we understand how anxiety provoking it can be to leave your pet in an unfamiliar surrounding. We REQUIRE that you and your dog come for an initial tour of the ranch and at this time we will perform a temperament assessment of your dog. Ballypines is an extremly social dog boarding facility. We only accept dogs that are extremely friendly with other dogs and people. Please note that not only must your dog be friendly with both people and other dogs, they must also be happy and comfortable in the social setting we provide.  We want Ballypines to be a GOOD FIT FOR YOUR DOG.  Sometimes shepherding dogs , (German, Australian, Border Collies, Rottweilers, Corgis, Australian Heelers, etc), boxers and  “bully breeds”  are good with other dogs, yet their breed instincts such as herding, bullying, excessive barking, fence aggression, body slamming, “policing”, aggressive play style become too stressful for them and/or the other dogs during group play. Your tour will include a view of your dog’s lodging accommodations and the property, as well as cover any possible questions or concerns related to your dogs’ stay at the ranch. This visit is meant to prepare you and your dog for a wonderful experience at Ballypines.  Let us know the “little things” that your dog enjoys, and we will do our best to accommodate!

Important information for you to understand prior to boarding…


Please visit the “Things to Bring” and “services” tabs at the top of this page.