*All drop offs, pick ups and showings by appointment only.

Ballypines has limited availability for new customers at this time.

Please contact us at 904-504-1929.

Military discount:
Available upon request!

Overnight boarding: $50/day



“Guests” from the same household share a cabin at an additional rate of:

* $45/day/2nd dog
* $40/day/3rd dog
* $30/day/4th dog

*One dog $50/day, Two dogs $95/day, Three dogs $135/day, Four dogs $165/day

 ***The day of arrival is a day of board.

***If you pick up your dog before 8:15 a.m., (June 12-Sept 4 before 7:45 a.m.)  you will not be charged for that day’s service.

***Holiday charges apply-$10/day/dog, Friday through Monday of President’s Day weekend, Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, July Fourth weekend (this could vary on dates depending where the holiday falls in the week), and Labor day weekend, Monday through Sunday of Thanksgiving week, and December 20-Jan 3. There will be a minimum of four day stay charge for Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week.  Any cancellation within 5 days of a designated holiday period will result in a $100/dog charge.

***If you have a dog that is prone to matting, (doodles especially!!) please have him trimmed short before boarding.  With all of the play and activity experienced at the ranch, these longer haired dogs mat quickly and it is impossible to control if their hair is too long. If trimming or extra brushing is required, there will be an extra charge applied which will be determined by the extra time required to maintain a healthy coat situation for your dog.


Reservations and Deposit Required

Peak season includes Memorial Day through Labor Day, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. During these periods, a $50 deposit is required for each dog. This deposit is refundable unless your dog’s reservation is cancelled within five days of your dog’s scheduled arrival date. Please call us as early possible if you need to cancel or change your reservation.

Specialty Needs/Extra Charges…PLEASE READ!

If, FOR ANY REASON, your dog requires a visit to the animal hospital,the veterinary charges are the dog owner’s responsibility. A minimum of $50 transport fee will also be applied to the final bill.  (Charge could increase depending on time and distance involved in vet transport).

Any dog that is prone to matting or requiring preventive brush outs will be charged accordingly. The charge will be determined by the time it takes to properly remove or prevent mats from occurring.

There will be a $10/dog/day fee for all major holidays. These holidays include the Friday through Monday of President’s Day weekend, Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, July 4 weekend (dates will vary depending on when the 4th falls in the week), Labor Day weekend. Also the Monday through Sunday of Thanksgiving and December 20-January 3.

There will be a $10/day extra charge for puppies under five months of age. This charge will cover an extra walk late at night and during the day for potty training purposes!

Please understand that this is a small business…pick ups and drop offs are by appointment only. We do this for the safety of the dogs as well as optimizing their outdoor/social schedule! if you have a scheduled time for pick-up or drop-off, punctuality is greatly appreciated!! There will be a charge of $5 per every 15 minutes that you are late.

Should your dog require any other special medical needs (i.e. protective cone, insulin injections, special training needs), additional charges will be applied. This will be discussed prior to your dog’s drop off.

Bedding rental : $2/day
Bedding/linen laundry services: $2/event
Early drop off: $15.00 Offered on weekdays to those that need to drop off their dog between 0645– 0700.


We accept cash or checks, payed in advance.

Military discount offered.

What you will need upon arrival

Emergency information including:

-Your contact information

-A local emergency contact name and number

-Proof of vaccinations

-Your dog’s food/treats labeled

-Any beds, blankets, toys that you would like for your dog to enjoy in his/her cabin

-Medication labeled with veterinarian’s order (may be confirmed via phone if necessary)

-collar, (no training collars please!) ***SAFETY ITEM***, no tags please

-A list of any special needs/accommodations your pooch may need to feel more at home!